Our Partners at Compliancy Group Help Client Pass HIPAA Audit

By | September 20, 2017

Compliancy Group announced today that it has helped a long-time client pass a HIPAA audit. The Department of Health Our Partners at Compliancy Group Help Client Pass HIPAA Auditand Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) investigation into a potential HIPAA violation resulted in no fine for a user of their web-based compliance solution, The Guard.

HIPAA audits target hundreds of health care professionals a year, according to the HHS Wall of Shame.

Compliancy Group is the only HIPAA solution on the market today that gives clients access to a HIPAA Audit Response Program™ (ARP). The Compliancy Group HIPAA Audit Response Program gives clients the ability to formulate all the necessary reports that OCR auditors are requesting in order to illustrate their compliance efforts. Compliancy Group’s team of expert Compliance Coaches gather the reports and adhere to strict audit deadlines to ensure that clients stand their best chance at emerging from an audit without being fined.

At Compliancy Group, not a single client has ever failed an OCR or CMS audit. Learn more about how our HIPAA compliance partner helps simplify compliance for health care professionals now!