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Educating to Attract: Unorthodox Methods to Promote your Health Care Practice

How do you feel about the idea of promoting yourself or your practice? For a long time, such a thing was deemed inappropriate by the medical community at large. Even today with increased competition for prospective patients’ attention, there’s a great deal of hesitation among many professionals to focus any effort on marketing or advertising,… Read More »

7 Important Reasons Why Employees Need Online HIPAA Training

Since HIPAA was first enacted in 1996, health care organizations have been required to provide periodic training to their employees to ensure that they understand what’s required of them under the law. As we know, employee training can be time consuming, expensive, and it can have a negative impact on productivity. Today, technology gives us… Read More »

HIPAA Compliance Software and Meaningful Use Stage 2

The HITECH Act established the regulations and guidelines for the establishment of EHR’s to be demonstrated through a variety of meaningful use objectives. HITECH Meaningful Use Stage 2, started in 2014, establishes stricter regulations for the privacy and security rules of HIPAA and focuses on encryption of ePHI while using advanced clinical processes. The attention… Read More »

HIPAA Regulations for Radiologists 101

HIPAA regulations are a complex set of rules and regulations that are designed to promote a more patient oriented medical system that enhances patient care. HIPAA regulations that promote the accessibility of medical records to patients and increase the security of electronic patient health information are also included in the HIPAA Omnibus Rule. Radiologists often… Read More »

Patients’ Right to Secure Access of Health Care Information

The establishment of the HIPAA Privacy Rule was a critical step in regards to the confidentiality of patients’ records and limiting unapproved access to these records. Intertwined with regulations that limit access to personal health information are provisions, which allow patients or their designated representatives to access their records. Many people assume that their healthcare… Read More »

Choosing HIPAA Compliance Software

Choosing hipaa compliance software for your business in the healthcare industry is a must. HIPAA regulations can be complicated. The right software simplifies becoming compliant while also assisting you in managing your business by offering training and educational materials for staff. Whether you are an Business Associate in need of HIPAA compliance software or a… Read More »

Mitigating circumstances which surround Due Diligence and the HIPAA and HITECH Act

Significant liability potential as well as heightened enforcement surrounds one aspect of the healthcare industry.  Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and the 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic Clinical Health Act, a corporation may suffer extensive civil and criminal penalties if they violate or give out any person’s protected health… Read More »