MSP’s and Business Associates a must see webinar!

By | September 4, 2015

Webinar: Compliance as a Service new revenue streams for MSPs and Business Associates

When: Thursday, September 24 at 2PM EST

If you are an MSP or business associate working with healthcare providers – this webinar is for you! A panel of industry experts will discuss key tools to expand your portfolio to include ‘Compliance as a Service’ for your healthcare clients. In this webinar, a panel of industry experts will discuss key tools to use in expanding your portfolio of offerings to clients.  Find out how to differentiate your company, increase revenue and client loyalty. The webinar will be held Thursday, September 24 @ 2PM EST. Speakers include Andy Nieto, (Health IT Strategist at DataMotion), Marc Haskelson (President & CEO of Compliancy Group), Stuart Crawford (Founder & CEO, Ulistic Inc.) and Jon Matero (President/CEO, Network Heroes).


You’ll walk away with:

  • Ideas for providing added value to your clients
  • Ways to simplify compliance
  • How to help clients protect data at rest, in motion and in use
  • How to make your Managed Service Provider STRATOSPHERICALLY SUCCESSFUL
  • Solutions for encryption as a service
  • Solutions for compliance as a service
  • The importance of a Culture of Compliance
  • Best practices to accelerate your business- tried and tested stories from the “trenches “


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